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Patient Acceleration: Helping Chiropractors
Maximize Patient Volume and Revenue
By Drew Stevens PhD

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<c> Patient Acceleration: Helping Chiropractors<br>Maximize Patient Volume and Revenue </c> By Drew Stevens PhD
Patient Acceleration: Helping Chiropractors
Maximize Patient Volume and Revenue
By Drew Stevens PhD
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Patient Acceleration: Helping Chiropractors Maximize Patient Volume and Revenue Running A Chiropractic Practice Became Easier

Renowned Consultant Explains How Chiropractors Can Be Successful From Day One By Managing Their Practice And Their Brand Effectively

From the Publisher of The Journal of Medical Practice Management

Chiropractors don’t graduate from school knowing how to run a business. And when they confront today’s brutal business environment, they often struggle or even end up leaving the profession.

But chiropractic practice leaders shouldn’t despair. Not only is it possible to survive, it’s possible to be successful from Day One, writes Drew Stevens, PhD, a renowned consultant who has helped hundreds of practices go from sagging profits to robust earnings. In simple language, Dr. Stevens offers chiropractors all of the techniques they need to improve their operations, strengthen their brand and build long-term patient loyalty. The book offers methods increase patient volume by as much 40% and shares protocols which can substantially reduce the amount of labor needed to run your practice.

Throughout Patient Acceleration: Helping Chiropractors Maximize Patient Volume and Revenue, Dr. Stevens shares tried-and-true techniques that you can use to build a rock-solid business, including methods for developing a patient-centered culture and strategies for developing a high-profile, efficient practice.

As a BONUS, Dr. Stevens also provides a valuable collection of templates and forms to help practices run their business, including pre-written letters, activity templates, prioritization forms, a tracking spreadsheet, marketing activity templates and contact lead sheets.  The templates alone are worth the price of the book!
Chiropractors who read this book will be able to address the issues that drive their business and make needed changes quickly.  This ground-breaking book gives you the tools to need to start improving your practice TODAY, so why wait? 


Specifically designed for the business needs of the chiropractor.  Whether a chiropractor is just starting out, expanding a practice, or an experienced practitioner, this is the must-have book. 

Author is well-known in Chiropractic, writing  columns
for Chiropractic Economics, Dynamic Chiropractor etc.Chiropractors and Chiropractic Office Managers/Assistants know they need to do a better job of branding their practice, drive patient referrals.  This book does that plus much more – human resource/personnel guidelines, financial management tips and techniques, time management strategies, bringing on associates and even succession planning.  This book gives doctors the tools they need to get started.

As a BONUS, Dr. Stevens also provides a valuable collection of templates and forms to help practices run their business, including pre-written letters, activity templates, prioritization forms, a tracking spreadsheet, marketing activity templates and contact lead sheets.  The templates alone are worth the price of the book! 

See list of templates/forms below in the Appendix

About the Author

Dr. Drew Stevens  is President of Stevens Consulting Group, and a renowned author, consultant and practice management expert. He holds an MBA in International Business and a PhD in Leadership and Management with an emphasis in workplace productivity.
With the help of Dr. Stevens, thousands of struggling doctors have brought in billions of dollars of new revenue and attained financial freedom.

Quoted frequently in the media, Dr. Stevens has written 700 articles on business development and he is an in-demand speaker on the National scene. His articles have appeared in Chiropractic Economics and Dynamic Chiropractic and his expertise has been featured in The New York Times. When not coaching and consulting, Dr. Stevens is also a frequent keynote speaker at major conferences and webinars and a guest lecturer at numerous universities.
His consulting firm, Stevens Consulting Group, has attracted clients such as Mercy Health Plans, BJC Hospitals, Logan College of Chiropractic and over 500 other leading institutions.


“Dr. Stevens has put together a text all new Chiropractors should read in their last semesters of school! All the bases of getting off to a successful
start are covered in Practice Acceleration. Read, digest, and go save the

Owner, Back & Neck Care Center of Sunset Hills
St. Louis, MO

“Nobody knows the business of chiropractic like Dr. Stevens. His keen
insights on the fundamentals of running a strong practice are of value to
new and experienced DCs alike.”

Chiropractic Economics

“Practice Acceleration is a must-read for any newly graduated
Chiropractors and established Chiropractors who want to take their
business to the next level. This is the textbook that you never had, but
should have had in school. If you’re serious about getting more patients,
more visits, and more money, you have to read this book!”

Well Juvenate
Cashiers, NC

“As a former Chiropractic Office Manager and direct benefactor of Drew’s
wisdom, I had the honor of working for a successful Chiropractor who
practiced many of the principles that you have read in this book. If you
have an open mind, are committed, and work hard, Drew’s book can guide
you to a successful and fulfilling practice.”

St. Louis, MO

“Drew gives extremely valuable information in a simple, easy-to-follow
book. This is a must-read for any Chiropractor who is still in school, new
to practice, or struggling in practice.”

O’Fallon Crossing Chiropractic
O’Fallon, MO

“Dr. Stevens’ marketing and branding ideas are right on target. If you’re
not earning a salary in the high six figures, this book is for you. Follow the
easy steps provided in this book and watch your visibility and bank account increase.”

The Safety Lady
North Fort Myers, FL

“Drew Stevens will quickly teach you that there are strategies and tactics
for your practice that enable you to be more effective, more highly
regarded, and more able to create a balanced and rewarding life. Martyrs
have a hard time paying the mortgage.

What you practice is your business, but what you perfect will lead to
greatly increased business. Follow Drew Stevens’ advice and fill your
waiting room—but as you’ll see, you won’t keep them waiting for long.”

Author, Million Dollar Consulting and The Consulting Bible
Providence, RI

“Dr. Drew Stevens really nails it! In my practice, I not only look inside
the Chiropractic profession but I frequently look outside the profession
for inspiration in the areas of customer service, business management,
marketing, and personal motivation. Dr. Drew covers all of these areas in
this book. He brings to the table successful techniques, business models,
and personal experiences that can and will help you grow your practice.”

Comprehensive Chiropractic
“Dr. Stevens’ insights are right on point. Through his book and coaching,
not only will you fill the void in your Chiropractic education, you will
develop the practice of your dreams!”

Experience Your Greatness
St. Louis, MO

“Medical practice is very complex and different from general business.
As a Chiropractor you not only have to be an expert in your field of
practice, you also need to understand and deal with insurance companies,
government policies, referring physicians, and hospitals. You also need
to interact with patients. Marketing strategy is a process that can allow
Chiropractors to concentrate their limited resources on the greatest
opportunities to increase patient flow and achieve sustainable competitive
advantage. Drew has developed an impressive, comprehensive, step-by-step marketing strategy that leads to a successful practice. This book is
a must read for anyone in Chiropractic practice who wants to improve
patient care, revenues, and position in the market.”

Associate Professor of Medicine
Washington University school of Medicine
St Louis, MO

“Healthcare is changing rapidly and as a result, traditional marketing
is significantly less effective. I have been in practice for 13 years and
implementing Dr. Stevens’ system has been a game changer. Dr. Stevens
revolutionizes the way you will look at your practice—and certainly the
way you approach your marketing campaign.”

Moline Chiropractic Clinic/Bioshaping of the Quad-Cities
Moline, IL
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