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E/M Utilization Workbook by State

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E/M Utilization Workbook by State
E/M Utilization Workbook by State
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Powerful and Comprehensive - Compare Your Utilization Patterns to That of Your Peers Within Your State and Specialty.

Helps to mitigate risk with an outside view of how your practice looks in terms of E/M Utilization...
For the majority of practices, the only thing more important than a proper diagnosis and treatment is a proper and appropriate E/M code for the visit. Responsible for more audits and overpayment demands, E/M coding is at the core of the revenue cycle for nearly every practice in the country. As such, understanding what your practice looks like to an outsider, as it pertains to E/M utilization, is an absolute must for those practices that want to both assess and mitigate their risk for an outside audit or review. This is particularly true right now with the growing number of RAC audits being reported by physicians in every state and specialty.
Our E/M utilization workbooks are perhaps the most comprehensive you will ever see.
  • Each workbook contains state-specific utilization data for 78 specialties, from addiction medicine to vascular disease.
  • Unlike other analytical tools that only look at the intra-category relationships (that is, between codes within the same category), our worksheet also benchmarks against inter-category as well as global category relationships. The latter two are absolutely critical for those practices that want to rapidly identify areas of both risk and opportunity.
  • The worksheets are completely interactive and simple to use. Just enter your charge and frequency for each E/M code you report and the worksheet will do the rest. It even builds graphs and charts to assist with presentations to physicians and coding staff.

Truth be told, around 80% of the cost of a chart audit resides in the need to conduct a probe analysis. Our worksheets accomplish this in only seconds, allowing you to either save money and resources or, alternatively, audit more charts with your current resources.

NOTE: This workbook is delivered via email within one business day of your order.

Click here to download a Sample Workbook now...
 To order, simply select the state to benchmark your practice and click the Add to Cart button.
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